LIFE COACH TRAINING (Research & Evidenced Based)

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    Who seeks for a coach?

    Many people seek out a coach because they desire to see change in their life, career, and relationships.  Many times the potential coachee will have an important goal to reach or simply want to improve their quality of life.   Other times people are seeking motivation to achieve a life dream, for instance; to write a book, have a healthier body, or launch a new idea or business.  In many cases people want to experience more joy in their personal and professional lives. They want to experience more peace, balance, and life fulfillment.

    The coach is a tool that the coachee utilizes as a catalyst to dig deeper, go broader, and stretch higher in different areas of life. Coaches believe that individuals are naturally resourceful and from time to time need assistance in digging deep to surface the resources with in.   Coaches believe that individuals are naturally creative and at times need a catalyst to help them re-imagine for themselves the original blueprint and purpose for their lives, coaches also believe that people when given the appropriate support and proper motivation combined with inspiration can achieve any goal they desire.


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