LIFE COACH TRAINING (Research & Evidenced Based)

Inspire one Person| Empower a Community | Transform the World


Become a Leadership Coach or Certified Business Consultant

Taking the Coaching dialogs and concepts into the office can be most rewarding... 

About the Program

This programs focus is on equipping the students to foster cohesive teams at work or in ministry. You will discovery many aspects of yourself and how you can positively affect those that are in your presence and answer to you in a team setting.  


This track offers leadership building skills and activities  that will foster a intrapreneurial effectiveness and encourages the student to become the best leader they can be while fostering inspiration for greatness that can be carried into the work environment.


Who Takes the Program

This learning track is ideal  for executives and leadership staff and is equally beneficial for entreprenuers and small business owners who want to grow themselves as well as their business


Schedule & Program Details

The Executive and Leadership courses are offered once per year, while the business consultant certifications is offered bi-annually.


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