LIFE COACH TRAINING (Research & Evidenced Based)

Inspire one Person| Empower a Community | Transform the World


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  • Elite Life Coach Certification (Live Training in TX)

    $500.00 USD
    • The BC-ELC designation

    This is the first Level of Coachig education and is designed for professionals and people who want to take an active role in trully helping others improve their qualityof life.  

  • Advanced Coaching Certification (Live Training in TX)

    $300.00 USD
    • Advanced Life Coach Designation requires prerequisites

    As a life coach you  must realize that life coaching is a field that requires you to stay ahead of the coachee's interest in exploration of resources and education that will help the coachee discover themselves in a new way.  

  • Specializations (Live Training in TX)

    $200.00 USD
    • Lifestyle, Wellness,Leadership, Business Consulting

    Specializations can be purchsed as an add on with the advance Life Coach Designation...

  • Master Level Coaching Certificate (Live Training in TX)

    $500.00 USD
    • Board Certified Master Level Life Coach Designation

    At this level you should be very profiecient and actively working as a life coach in order to become a Master Level Life Coach through this Institute.  You will learn advanced models, presentation skills, and public speaking strategies.  

  • CEU's LPC

    $35.00 USD
    • Get your DSHS Aprroved CEU's with us

    Now offering CEU's for Licensed Professional CounselorsLPC's prices may vary $from 35 and up

  • DSHS Aprroved CEU's LCSW

    $35.00 USD
    • Get your CEU's with us

    Offering a variety of workshops and trainings to help you achieve your goals and gain CEU credits 


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